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About Online Flash Tutoring

Online Flash tutoring is one of the most effective ways to learn Flash programming. And that's because computer programming lends itself to online tutoring. In an online tutoring environment the instructor;s screen appears on your screen and your screen appears on the instructors screen. This makes it easy for your instructor to show you the buttons and menus you need to access to build your Flash project. Add to that video hookups, no cost internet phone calls and instant messaging between you and your instruction, and you have everything you need to not just get your coding project up running, but understand the how and why of each step to get you there. .

Flash Programming for All Your Business and Academic Needs

We offer Flash programming for every age group and every skill level. Whether you are a novice or professional programmer, we can teach you the ins and outs of Flash programming so that you can learn what you need to know for the application you want to build quickly and without frustration.

Flash Programming For Kids

For kids, we focus flash tutoring on the development of games and educational projects that let the student combine their knowledge of science, math and the liberal arts. Our tutoring expertise goes beyond all the Flash animation basics allowing you to tap into our wealth of code and applications resources to create complex software for business and all type of educational applications.

Flash Programming for Teachers

We welcome teachers that want to develop educational projects for their classrooms. We can show teachers how to design educational flash content that will let them implement fun and exciting teaching

Flash Programming for Parents