BookMark Tutoring provides tutoring for all electronics courses taught at Santa Rosa Junior
College and Sonoma State Universtity This includes Direct and Alternating Current Theory,
Pulse and Digital Circuits, Microwave Communications and Electronic Mathematics.

Electronic simulators, such as SPICE, are used to to design and simulate electronic circuits and to
verify answers to students problems.

Bookmark also offers lessons in electronics for students at Santa Rosa high schools. These
includes electricity and magnetism sections taught in AP Physics courses.


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TABLE: Santa Rosa Junior College Classes for Electronics
Technology A.S. Degrees

ELEC 60  Direct & Alternating Current Theory
ELEC 60L  Direct & Alternating Current Lab
ELEC 61  Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits
ELEC 61L  Fundamental Circuits Lab
ELEC 62  Electronic Circuits Theory
ELEC 63  Electronic Circuit Theory
ELEC 64A  Electronic Construction 1
ELEC 66  Tests & Measurements/Troubleshooting
ELEC 67A  Microwave Communications
ELEC 68A  Pulse and Digital Circuits 1
ELEC 68B  Pulse & Digital Circuits 2
ELEC 90A  Electronic Mathematics I
ELEC 90B  Electronic Mathematics 2















Figure: Sine Wave to Square Wave Conversion This SPICE circuit simulation shows the input and output waveforms into an op amp configured as an comparator.