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As admissions requirements increase, it has become increasingly more difficult for students to enter four year colleges. Colleges not only require high grades, a well rounded academic and community life, but high college entrance exam scores. Although many students have the discipline to study for the ACT, SAT and AP tests, they often do not as well as they could have.

And that's because they don't have the right approach to preparing. Although ACT, SAT and AP test preparation books and taking the practice tests will improve score substantially, this approach will not by itself get the best score. The best approach requires a tutor. Students who have access to a tutor when preparing for the ACT, SAT or APs, have several advantages over students that don't. Students with tutors don't spend too much time on difficult problems. Experienced tutors know how to solve even the most difficult test prep problems quickly. And experienced tutors know how to explain the steps needed to solve specific classes of problems in the least amount of time. Experienced tutors also know what you need to know to score high and how to reduce the time it takes you to solve a problem.

BookMark Tutoring offers test preparation services for the AP, CLEP and SAT series of college entrance, advanced placement and college credit exams for high school and college students.

SAT Tutoring Series

Math SAT I

AP Series Tutoring Services

AP Physics A, B, C
AP Chemistry
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science A

CLEP Tutoring Series

CLEP Calculus
CLEP College Algebra
CLEP Chemistry
CLEP Precalculus

Teacher Credential Tutoring Series

CBEST Tutoring (Teacher Emergency Credential)
CSET Tutoring (Multisubject Test)
CSET Mathematics Instruction Authorization Examination (MIAE)
Mathematics Subtest II: Geometry; Probability and Statistics
Mathematics Subtest III: Calculus; History of Mathematics