Bookmark Tutoring provides individualized tutoring and lessons in 3D graphic design and animation. 3D tutoring is designed to supplement classes that high school and college students take. Specifically the tutoring is designed for students taking 3D design courses at Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa High School, Montgomery High School and those taking online courses through accredited online colleges and universities.

For individualized lessons, Bookmark offers a complete course based on Bookmark's course book, "The Art of Perspective Illustration."


3D Graphic Design Fundamentals

Mark Stansberry

  1. About This Book
  2. Overview
  1. History of 3D Perspective
  2. 3D Perspective Simplified
  3. 3D Drawing Tools and Software
  4. 2D Measurement and Construction Techniques
  5. Rules and Laws of 3D Perspective
  6. 3D Measurement and Construction Techniques
  7. One Point Perspective
  8. Two Point Perspective
  9. Three Point Perspective
  10. Oblique Perspective
  11. Reflections in 3D
  12. Shadows, Shading and Lighting in 3D Perspective
  13. Patterns, Polygons, Polyhedrals in 3D
  14. 3D Perspective Design Libraries



  1. Geometry and Perspective
  2. Geometric Shapes
  3. 3D Software Packages and Plugins
  4. 3D Flash Animation
  5. Tables: Vanishing Angles and Slopes
  6. Glossary of 3D, Architectural, Art, Mathematics and Perspective Terms