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This flash online math test is an example of what you can learn with my custom flash programming tutoring program. As part of this lesson, you will also learn how to spruce up the display. This online test, although functionally correct, needs some layout work. Regardless though the basic code behind it is solid and in place and ready to add the layout features you want and the functional features you may need for your specific application.

Flash programmers must often develop online tests, such as math tests. Educational institutions and corporations need online tests to test students, test job applicants skills and for employee training.

There are many features that can be incorporated into an online test. These include automatic grading and scoring, interfaces for the entering of questions and answers, as well as learning analysis features that identify areas that the student should focus on.

This multiple choice online test lets students choose an answer and obtain an immediate response to whether or not the answer chosen is correct. The student can also press the explanation button to find out exactly how the math problem is solved.

One of the display issues with math tests is mathematical symbols such as exponents and Greek letters. For this, you must use expected unicode characters for symbols, which can make the writing of questions a tedious task. However, other flash programs can be written that simplify this task.