Computer Programming Tutor List (Santa Rosa)

There are no major tutoring franchises in Santa Rosa that offer computer programming services. For the most part, you will have to rely on private tutors.


Mark Stansberry Tutoring Services - Santa Rosa CA (Bookmark Tutoring)


Offers computer programming tutoring services for a number of different computer languages from novice to professional levels. Languages include Flash ActionScript 3 for multimedia, game and animation development, PHP / MySQL for business and software systems development, AJAX (HTML, XML, Javascript, DOM) and JQUERY for the development of RIA web sites, JAVA for general purpose and specialized application development,

For beginners, offer an overview of the different programming languages used for the development of software programs for different applications. Stess the basics to make working programs with little effor. Focus on the integration of pre-built software such as plugins, widgets and modules to simplify the task of creating commercial software packages. Teach the code necessary to implement client side and server side programming and how to create applications that integrate client and server applictions. Emphasize the basic pros and cons of client side only and client server side programs for the development of applications in terms of performance, memory and business marketability.

Offers series of stepped tutorials that are designed for the beginner to systematicaly learn the basic syntax, functions, methods and classes that all computer software languages have in common. Stress the Model View Controller (MVC) model for building sophisticated web sites in a minmium amount of time.

For Kids and Parents Alike

Get involved and make a computer game with your kids. Offer training on a number of different platforms that allow for both kids and parents new to computer programming to learn quickly and and program confindently. Software languates and Integrated development ennvironoments are chosen to match your skill level. Find out about the wide range of free computer software desgined for kids and beginners.

For High School and College Students

Offer a complete range of tutoring services to excel in your required computer courses. Whether computers are a foreign language you to or you want to build the next greatest app, Bookmark Tutoring provides the skills, code and resources that you'll need to get the job done. Offer tutoring related to the basic operation and principles of the computer, the design of computer programs and the building of computer programs on both the client and server side.

For Game Programmers

For serious game programmers offer tutoring in mathematics and physics for action games and the development of advanced 2D and 3D graphics.

For Teachers and Educations

Learn how to create online quizes and tests such as this one. Spruce up your boring teacher web site with exciting animations and fun online scribble boards.

Flexible Scheduling and Locations

Offer in person tutoring either at your location, the local library or coffee shop. Offer as online sessions at your convenience with WebEX, Skype, AdobeConnect and other screensharing and work colloboaration software.

Vist the Flash Development Center for samples of projects working on and what you can learn

Flash Development Platform: Online Quiz, Music, DataGrid, Animations and Graphics

Scribble Board Online Program

Scribble Board Users Manual: Lessons.  A collection of over 50 lessons on how to use Scribble board to create illustrations, sketches and technical designs. 

Scribble Board Users Manual: Graphics Library Key Description and use of the over 50 keyboard graphic functions available on ScribbleBoard



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