BookMark Tutoring - Chemistry Tutoring for Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

BookMark Tutoring provides AP Chemistry tutoring for high school students attending Santa Rosa high schools and college students attending Santa
Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State Unviversity. We also provide tutoring for students taking online courses throughout the United States through our online tutoring program.

For Santa Rosa College and Sonoma State University, we offer tutoring for all the course material covered in the first year chemistry classes (Chem 42, Chem 1A, Chem 1B, Chem 102, Chem 105, Chem 107, Chem 110, Chem 115A, and Chem 115B). Material covered in these courses includw significant figures, unit conversions, chemical compound naming convetions, atomic andmolecular structure, states of matter, pH, acids and bases, kinetics, moles and mole calculations, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, thermodynamic, kinetics, equilibrium, and buffer, and electrochemistry.

Santa Rosa Junior College Chemistry Classes

CHEM 42 Introductory General Chemistry
CHEM 1A General Chemistry
 General Chemistry

Sonoma State Univeristy Chemistry Classes

CHEM 102 Chemistry and Society
CHEM 105 Elements of General, Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 107 Introduction to Physical Science for Teachers
CHEM 110 Introductory General Chemistry
CHEM 115A General Chemistry
CHEM 115B General Chemistry

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