Santa Rosa Office Automation Tutoring

If you need to learn office automation for your job or school, BookMark tutoring provides you with
what you need to know to become proficient with the latest office software. Learn how to use Microsoft Word,
Excel and Power Point to create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Automatically create
style sheets, table contents and indexes.

For those on a software budget, BookMark provides complete tutoring services for Google's complete line
of online office automation tools. These include Google's documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings
and form tools.

Adobe Acrobat is also another tool that you will want to learn to use. PDF files are known for their
universal print and read compatibility. Learn how to convert web pages, word documents, spreadsheets into
PDF files that can be readily viewed by anyone with Adobe Acrobat reader. Find out how to integrate Flash
animation, video and more with Adobe Acrobat's advanced features.







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