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Computer programming is a snap when you have a tutor. BookMark Tutoring provides
Computer Science tutoring to meet all computer science requirements at Santa Rosa Junior
College and Sonoma State University. We provide not tutoring for students that are not
computer science majors, but tutoring in all the computer science requirements for an A.S degree
from Santa Rosa's Junior College and Sonoma State University.

The Santa Rosa JC Computer Studies Department offers four major fields of study in
Computer Science. Each major requires 35 units of courses. All course majors except
the Computer Science major require coursework in HTML, CSS and telecommunications.
For specific programming majors you are required to take two classes in the specific computer
language of the major.

Computer Science Major

Javascript Programmer

Java Programmer

PHP Programmer 


The Computer Science Major requires


CS 10 Introduction to Computer Programming 4.0
CS 81.21 Introduction to Unix 3.0
MATH 1A Calculus, First Course 5.0
CS 11 Data Structures and Algorithms 4.0
MATH 1B Calculus, Second Course 5.0
CS 12 Assembly Language Programming 4.0
MATH 4 Discrete Mathematics 4.0
CS 17.11 Java Programming 3.0
  Math/Physics elective 3.0-5.0 Programmer - 25.5 units





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